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An IoT platform for monitoring what is important to you.

We offer top to bottom solutions that can cater your needs.

Reliable, cost-effective, and flexible, these are the advantages of the outcome we deliver.

1 Choose your sensor

Choose the sensor that best fits your application. You can go with either off-the-shelf or DIY products.

2 Connect to SenViu

Connect your sensor to SENVIU via LoRaWAN, Dusun gateway, ESP32 and more.

3 Visualize, Monitor, Customize processes

Manage, Customize, Visualize and send alerts alerts from your SENVIU dashboard.


Reliable design

Our engineers will ensure the reliability of your system

Customer Support

Our team is available 24/7 for your queries


User can customize his network based on his requirements


Our solutions can easily accomodate future improvements and upgrades


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Smart Home

Experience a more comfortable home with our Smart Home IoT solutions. Ensure the safety of your property and your family, we offer various solutions that can suit your requirements.

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Smart farming

Create a secured and reliable network system for your crops. Monitor and detect issues to ensure product quality.

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Smart city

Create a large scale smart sensor ecosystem.experience the advantage of living in a city augmented by technology. Monitor, visualize, and control your assets inside a wide area and ensure the stability and convenience of the inhabitants.

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